Trojan Banker is a generic term for a program that steal information such as bank passwords and user names as well as credit card information and then sends that data to who ever the maker of the program is ( The attacker ) If you have just found out that you had a Trojan Banker program installed on … [Read more...]

System is vulnerable to attacks | Fake Warning Message

System is vulnerable to attacks System is vulnerable to attacks message is nothing more then a fake security warning from a bogus client called Tust Ninja. The only thing you should TRUST about this warning is that it's fake and all a scam trying to scare you into purchasing the fake program. … [Read more...]

RegDefense | Scam or real product?

Is RegDefense a Scam or not? RegDefense RegDefence is a real product and not a virus. This program must be manually installed. However in our testing the results seemed to be over exaggerated and we found the whole overall experience a little annoying. Norton has classified this product as … [Read more...]

Report finds fake antivirus on the rise

Fake antivirus on the rise according to a Cnet article that came out a few days back. Of course we at and the rest of the security industry could already tell this was happening. Malware posing as antivirus software is spreading fast with tens of millions of computers infected … [Read more...]

Kaspersky vs Zango

Zango has been trying to force Kaspersky ( A well known antivirus client ) to allow the Zango software to be installed on computers running the Kaspersky software.  As of now Kaspersky auto blocks the installation of Zango and Kaspersky clasiffies Zango as malisious software program.  After the … [Read more...]

Microsoft’s Free Security Essentials is Some Slick Stuff

I have always had a love hate relationship when it comes to viruses and spyware. Like everyone out there I hate being infected and do wish all these people were behind bars. At the same time I make a living off of repairing and removing viruses from peoples computers. Even with the most advanced … [Read more...]

Microsoft’s BIG debut for free antivirus client

This Tuesday Microsoft is opening it's doors to beta testers for their latest big project. Microsoft Security Essentials formerly known in beta as Morro will be replacing Live One Care. Live One Care cost around 50 bucks in the past but will be retired as of Nov 2009. The new free client calles … [Read more...]

Nine Ball Attack hits 40K websites

More then 40 thousand websites have been hit by a mass-compromise attack that re-directs visitors to a site that will then attempt to download trojans keyloggers to the visitors computer. At the moment no one knows exactly what kind of trojans are being downloaded because the sites track the user by … [Read more...]

Fake Microsoft patches take the web by storm

Researchers from Computer Associates and Sophos are currently tracking three fake Microsoft patches. "Important Windows XP/Vista Security Update” “Outlook re-configuration” and “Update for Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express (KB910721)”. All three are fake Windows updates and they prey on users lack … [Read more...] cannot be held liable for any damages that may occur from using our community virus removal guides. Viruses cause damage and unless you know what you are doing you may loose your data. We strongly suggest you backup your data before you attempt to remove any virus. Each product or service is a trademark of their respective company. We do make a commission off of each product we recommend. This is how is able to keep writing our virus removal guides. All Free based antivirus scanners recommended on this site are limited. This means they may not be fully functional and limited in use. A free trial scan allows you to see if that security client can pick up the virus you are infected with.