Removal Guidelines for PowerfulBrowse Ads

The developer of PowerfulBrowse is SuperWeb LLC. This browser extension wants everyone to believe they can improve the experience of online shopping coupons, shopping comparison plus other helpful functionality. It may look a legitimate browser plug-in. Users of the internet need to be aware that … [Read more...]

DGen.exe – The Unwanted Mining Program

This mining program, DGen.exe is a part of Bitcoin. It can be detected by anti-virus as nskware, hacktool, unwanted program and in certain occasion as a Trojan-horse. This happens because it is used by the crooks online to mine bitcoins on infected computers. (Purpose of program analysis). This … [Read more...]

The Omiga-Plus Revelation

Online freeware applications can give an extra attraction to online users, but you shouldn't be quick to click and install them instantly on your PC. Omiga-Plus is are one of these programs and they can take you at the risk you don’t want to be. Actually, Omiga-Plus is not originally a virus, when … [Read more...]

“Pay for Frozen iPhones!” Said Hackers

It appears the phenomena of Disney Frozen has reached the virtual world in a sad way. A hacker named  Oleg Pliss is now targeting to freeze  iOS of iPhones and iPads. To unlock the device he/she is demanding an amount of £55 ($50 and $100 Australian dollars) to be sent to  ock404(at) … [Read more...]


The French HADOPI law or Creation and Internet law (French: Haute Autorité pour la diffusion des œuvres et la protection des droits sur internet,[1] "law promoting the distribution and protection of creative works on the internet") was introduced during 2009, providing what is known as a graduated … [Read more...]

Your PC is Blocked due to at least one of the reasons specified below

The warning message of "Your PC is Blocked due to at least one of the reasons specified below" is part of the FBI MoneyPak scareware client.  We already have a manual removal guide for this threat located at . As you may of guessed this warning is not … [Read more...]

Free Virus Removal

100% Free Methods that work to remove most viruses on computers. Take the time to watch the video to learn how to remove your virus. [jwplayer config=player file= … [Read more...]

How Fake Security Clients Make Money

You ever wonder why viruses are made. Some are made for fun, some are made for learning, most are made for money. Those are the ones most people get infected with. In this article we dive into the world of malware. Malware is a bogus software product that pretends to solve a problem. Often times it … [Read more...]

What Not to Post on FaceBook

A close relative of mine just had a medical issue and went into the hospital.  It is a very serious issue.  Another relative of mine then posted on FaceBook the cause of that medical issue and asked for prayers. So what did the FaceBook poster do wrong here? The person posted private … [Read more...]

Avoid Viruses

Here are some quick and easy tips to follow to prevent you from getting infected with a virus Watch the below video for guidance. We also included a written guide as well [jwplayer config=player file= … [Read more...] cannot be held liable for any damages that may occur from using our community virus removal guides. Viruses cause damage and unless you know what you are doing you may loose your data. We strongly suggest you backup your data before you attempt to remove any virus. Each product or service is a trademark of their respective company. We do make a commission off of each product we recommend. This is how is able to keep writing our virus removal guides. All Free based antivirus scanners recommended on this site are limited. This means they may not be fully functional and limited in use. A free trial scan allows you to see if that security client can pick up the virus you are infected with.