DGen.exe – The Unwanted Mining Program

This mining program, DGen.exe is a part of Bitcoin. It can be detected by anti-virus as nskware, hacktool, unwanted program and in certain occasion as a Trojan-horse. This happens because it is used by the crooks online to mine bitcoins on infected computers. (Purpose of program analysis). This can’t be a problem if you installed it to your computer intentionally, for maybe you know what you are doing. Sad to say, this is not usually the case. For those users who installed this to their computers where hackers use it to mine bitcoins.

The only thing you can notice that you are infected by DGen.exe when your CPU have high usage. If your system has DGen.exe, you can be sure that you have a malware in your hands. Another thing about this mining program, it comes with bundled, meaning several programs are linked with it (legit and not). Visiting an infected website can be a reason your computer will be infected by these unwanted programs. You also need to understand that bitcoin mining is a malicious program which usually have extra modules which allow anyone to take passwords and install more malware to your computer. Windows don’t need this to be able to run. As to DGen.exe execute automatically once Windows begin to process. It is highly recommended the removal of DGen.exe once your anti virus detected.

DGen.exe is also considered a serious system error. It has the power to contribute more complications thus promoting system problem, which include Blue Screen of Death errors, deterioration of network performance, network connection problems, Black Screen of Death pops-ups, system security problem and inexplicable loss of computer performance. And because this file runs on the operating system of Windows, it can’t be easily repaired by the system utilities.


Manual Solutions to Fix DGen.exe

First Step: Replace the infected existing version of Windows (installed in your PC) with the Windows on CD.

  1. Insert the CD with Windows and install into your hard disk.
  2. Now, click the Start button, and click Run or press together Window key and R-key.
  3. This time, expand the CD Drive by entering this command: \i386\DGen.exe c:\windows\system32\DGen.exe.
  4. Click Enter key so you can confirm the modification.
  5. Now, restart the computer.


Second Step: Allow Utility Update of Windows.


For Windows XP User

  1. Click the Start button, and then click the Control Panel, activate Security Center.
  2. Choose Automatic Updates option.
  3. Select the Option according to your preference and then click OK.

For Windows 7 and Vista

  1. Click the Start button, then enter a Windows update on the search box. Locate and click Window Update from Program list.
  2. Next, go to the Change Settings (on the left pane).
  3. Under the Important Updates, click the option you need.
  4. On the Recommended updates, and then click Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates or Include recommended updates when downloading, installing, or notifying me about updates. Once this is done, click OK.


Step Three: Install an authorize spyware removal tool on your computer to avoid another infection in the future.


Step Four: Remove the registry problems effectively.
One of the sensitive parts of the Windows registry is its Operating System, where it is designed to keep the configuration system options and settings, this includes the device drivers, kernel system, SAM, services, third party applications and user interface. Incorrect changes to its registry can lead to more complication to the problem of the system as it includes the third-party program load failure, driver load failure, accumulation of system pops-up, crucial system files problem, software instability and Blue Screen of Death pops-up.


Fix the Registry Problem

In case of the registry problems, the manual removal is no recommendable when it comes to common computer users. For it requires specific computer experience to be able to take out the unwanted registry components, repair damaged registry files and fix registry errors.


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