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Ad-Aware from Lavasoft was one of my first loves for AV software. Seriously, back in the day when the free program first came out I used it to repair many computers. It’s lost some of it’s appeal over the years. Too much advertisements in the free version. However it still provides great help in removing viruses for free. I have had significant problems with this program not playing nice with other antivirus clients. If you go this route consider purchasing the paid version that offers better protection. The free version I would not recommend people use as a secondary client. Try malwarebytes instead. However for front line defense the free version provides real time protection. You can’t argue with that.

It also offers a game mode this is nice for gamers. Helps to reduce the footprint so your computer run’s faster while you are gaming. It also scans all your downloads to ensure you are not downloading a malicious file.

There are two paid versions of this software. Personal Security and Pro Safety. If you really are concerned about banking online or protecting your social profiles you should pay for the upgraded versions.

Spyware Doctor with Antivirus is our top pick for paid antivirus clients, however ad-aware offers many great features and well worth the price of the product. It all kind of boils down to the interface and the user.

The free version of Ad-Aware still works great at removing viruses on computers that are already infected and should help to stave off future infections. For the program being free you really can’t complain.

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