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AVG has three main version of security software. The most popular is the free AVG antivirus software.  This program was designed to scan hard drives and find viruses and spyware and then remove them.  While the free version works rather well it is a stripped down version of the paid client. Like with most other free AV clients you are better served upgrading to the paid version. Still the free version packs a punch and works rather well to remove viruses.

This software tends to not play very well with other security clients so if you plan on using this as a secondary or primary and you use a different client as well you may run into trouble.  The same can be said for many clients out there so don't let that be a major buying factor.

The AVG Internet Security Suit is the most powerful one that AVG offers.  It includes the antivirus and antispyware client, firewall and identity protection.  Most people can get away with just the antivirus and antispyware client.  If you are using Vista or Windows 7 then the built in Microsoft firewall is often enough protection and is a big leap forward over what XP had to start with.

In a nut shell this client works very well to remove viruses and spyware.  It's worth the cost and if you have already used it in the past you will find it even easier to use today.  It's not our top pick and I would not state that it is even in out top ten favorite paid security clients but the free version is still very nice and going the paid route is worth the cost of the software and the front end protection.

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  1. you need to redo this review as AVG has greatly improved its service.

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