Antivirus Studio 2010 Removal Instructions

This Antivirus Studio 2010 removal guide does have a VIDEO to help you out.

Description: Antivirus Studio 2010 is a bogus security client that attempts to trick and scare the user into thinking they are infected with a virus.

Upon boot the user is notified that their computer is sending out spam e-mail that that your IP is being reported to the Police. This is ALL a lie. This is the real virus and they are simply attempting to scare you into making a purchase. This program will also block all your real security client and most other programs. In testing we were able to get the Browser working just fine but were being re-directed to the FAKE virus website and instructed to make a purchase.

All the viruses that this program picks up are FAKE and again its used to trick users into making a purchase.

Antivirus Studio 2010

Antivirus Studio 2010

» Download Antivirus Studio 2010 Removal Software

If your are infected with this threat you need to take action right away. The below removal guide and video will help instruct you on how to remove this threat from XP Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Antivirus Studio 2010 Removal Video

Remove Antivirus Studio 2010

Antivirus Studio 2010 Manual Removal Procedures

  • AntiVirus Studio 2010.exe
  • securitycenter.exe
  • securityhelper.exe
  • load.exe ( MAY BE NAMED SOMETHING DIFFERENT. However you can identify this file path in the msconfig menu as shown in the video

Top Stop this process you can browse to the file location and re-name the file like we did in the video above then reboot your computer and delete the above files. You may also be able to open up the Task Manager the very second you log into the computer and then terminate the above processes and delete them.

Windows XP:

  • %Documents and Settings%\[UserName]\Local Settings\Application Data\AntiVirus Studio 2010
  • %Documents and Settings%\[UserName]\Local Settings\Application Data\AntiVirus Studio 2010\securitycenter.exe
  • load.exe ( MAY BE NAMED SOMETHING DIFFERENT. However you can identify this file path in the msconfig menu as shown in the video

Vista and Windows 7

  • C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Roaming\AntiVirus Studio 2010\AntiVirus Studio 2010.exe
  • C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Roaming\AntiVirus Studio 2010\securitycenter.exe
  • load.exe ( MAY BE NAMED SOMETHING DIFFERENT. However you can identify this file path in the msconfig menu as shown in the video


Delete the following files


  • %Documents and Settings%\[UserName]\Local Settings\Application Data\AntiVirus Studio 2010
  • %Documents and Settings%\[UserName]\Local Settings\Application Data\AntiVirus Studio 2010\securitycenter.exe
  • load.exe ( MAY BE NAMED SOMETHING DIFFERENT. However you can identify this file path in the msconfig menu as shown in the video

Windows 7 and Vista

  • C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Roaming\AntiVirus Studio 2010\AntiVirus Studio 2010.exe
  • C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Roaming\AntiVirus Studio 2010\
  • C:\Users\Jacob\AppData\Roaming\AntiVirus Studio 2010\taskmgr.dll
  • C:\Users\Jacob\AppData\Roaming\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Antivirus Studio 2010\Activate Antivirus Studio 2010.lnk
  • load.exe ( MAY BE NAMED SOMETHING DIFFERENT. However you can identify this file path in the msconfig menu as shown in the video

Antivirus Studio 2010 Registry Removal Procedures

Removing files and folders alone is not sufficient to completely remove Antivirus Studio 2010. The following keys and settings should also be removed from the Windows registry to complete Antivirus Studio 2010 removal:

  • HKCU:Software/Antivirus Studio 2010
    HKCU:Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run/AntiVirus Studio 2010

AT this time you should of been able to kill off most of this virus if not all of it. You now need to run a full virus scan. We recommend you download Spyware Doctor with Antivirus


Users should also run  disk cleanup to empty out the temp folders and recycling bin.  While in most cases it's not needed we do recommend it.

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  1. THANK YOU!!! says

    Thank you SO much for your help! Somehow, McAffe let the virus through and it scared the …. out of me! I used a different website ( to disengage the virus and then followed their instructions, but it didn’t delete everything. That’s where your video came in super handy. Thanks so much! A couple last questions:

    Is the Antivirus Studio 2010 virus malicious in the sense that it actually sends out my info from the computer elsewhere? Should I worry about anything having been released to the jerk who created the virus? (I didn’t put any credit card info into the virus, nor did I )

    Also, is the free version of McAffe enough to prevent these sorts of viruses? Obviously not, if it let this through, but is it necessary to pay their huge rates for computer protection? I used the malwarebytes, but it didn’t remove everything until I removed it manually (using your video).

  2. technical admin says

    Is this Bonnie Asking? No name placed in the Name section but you replied to her thread so I am guess so.

    Q. If I uninstall will I have to block their attemts to update?

    A. Uninstall What? Mcaffe or are you refering to deleting the virus?

    Q. It’s under a two computer licence, will I need to change both computers?

    A. What is under two licences? Are you reffering to installing the SDA client? If so then you install it on both computers using the same registration key.

  3. McAfee
    It works well for me , but my husband has had two of these viruses in the past 6 months.

    If I uninstall will I have to block their attemts to update?
    It’s under a two computer licence, will I need to change both computers?

    Thank you so much.

  4. technical admin says

    The SDA client shows the FULL path of the file. Just browse to that file and delete it.

    I would also go ahead and uncheck the files you found under start-up and reboot. The file paths are also clearly shown in the stat-up menu as well. You may have to move the bars around to see the full path.

    Your traces will be different than the ones shown. Threats mutate and take on many different file names. The load.exe is just an example from our testings and the most common trace we have been finding.

    Let us know the full file paths and file names when you locate them.


  5. I cannot locate the file that is notated in the mscofig start up tab that should be the “load.exe” file you mentioned. The file is named… “m9uov2wsudwp” and under the “Command” heading it is… Users\Rick\AppData\Local\Temp\svchost.exe…. and under “Location” heading is…HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run ……

    When I go to the location path noted in the “Command” heading the final part.. \svchost.exe is not in the \Temp folder.

    And after running a scan in the Spy Doctor with Antivirus…. it also states that this file is part of a virus…

    So…. how can I locate it and delete it?



  6. What if I can’t reboot my computer? I lost my disc and I cant delete my files, they are very important. Is there anyway I can transfer my files onto a USB?

  7. technical admin says

    Q. What if I can’t reboot my Computer?

    A. Not 100% clear what you are saying. I take it you mean your computer fails to load up Windows? If this is so are you able to boot into safe mode and run a system restore? That would be my first suggestion.

    Regardless you can backup your data in several different ways. One thing you can do is put the hard drive in another computer and back it up that way. You could try to boot into safe mode and copy the data over to a External hard drive.

    Let us know more details about what your computer is doing and the OS and we may be able to offer more advice.

  8. This is great help in walking through the steps to remove the Studio 2010 virus. The instructions are very clear. The only place I struggled is with removing the second set of registry entries (under Windows/explorers) since I saw more than 2 entries there. Other than that this is truly a blessing for people like me to have this help. Thank you!

  9. technical admin says

    As stated in the guide we recommend you download Spyware Doctor with Antivirus. While the free trial will not remove threats. The free 30 day protection will stop the virus from re-installing. The scan will show you ALL the traces of this threat. Then you can manually delete all the files the program finds.

    Very simple to do.

  10. We followed your directions…seems to have worked, but the files are still in the program list (add/remove), the windows program list, the startup list (as unchecked – but still there)….how do we do a clean-out of these references? Most of the registry lines were not there, we did remove the main folder, but the others did not exist.

    How do get rid of everything

  11. Thanks to your instructions, someone like me, who knows little about computers, I removed AV Studio 2010 all by myself! Is there a program that can protect against malware downloading when simply surfing/researching?

  12. technical admin says

    For protection you need a live security client. as you can tell from the removal guide we recommend Spyware Doctor with Antivirus. It will block all drive by download attempts and will not allow software like this to install.

    The above program also has something called Browser Defender that comes with the security client. This program will pre-check the web page before it loads to see if it’s safe. It works rather well. Also in Google when you do a search for items while doing re-search, you will see a shield next to all urls that are safe and a warning on others to show if they are bad urls.

  13. Thank you. Yes, I want to download SpywareDocter with Antivirus 2010, but this is my confusion: my McAfee expires in Jan 2011 (which clearly didn’t block the big bad rogue AntiVirusStudio2010. If I download SywareDoctor w/Antivirus now, do I disable McAfee? or do they work side by side? On firewalls: aren’t we supposed to have only 1 firewall? and these 2 programs have their own firewalls, right? Or, do I uninstall McAfee and use SpywareDoctor by itself? And I want to download Malwarebytes, but should I only run it occasionally? This is where I get so confused. I worry about conflicts betw programs. I wasn’t kidding when I said I didn’t know much. . .Jacob, you are a jewel!

  14. Thank you,
    this worked to remove the virus. However, I cannot get onto the internet now…
    any ideas of how this could be related..?

  15. technical admin says

    Yes the proxy needs to be turned off. Do a search for Proxy re-set on the site or just read the manual guide / video under the How To Guides section.

  16. technical admin says

    You do not want 2 live security clients.

    If you want the SDA client you should first remove Mcafee from your computer.

    No the SDA client does not have a firewall nor does the regualr Mcafee antivirus client. Generally only the Security Suites will have a firewall included. However Windows already has a default firewall that works perfectly fine. There is no real need for a different one for most people.

    The free version of malwarebytes and SDA work very well together. That is the setup on my personal computers. I scan once a month with the Malwarebytes client just to double check things. I use the SDA client for every day protection.

    Hope that clears things up. If not just re-ask your questions.

  17. Hi, this Trojan came up on my teenagers computer. It was then purchased by him unbeknownst to me. I imagine this is definitely lost money and very possibly more lost money if they can access the remaining money on the credit card. But because it was then installed, does this mean it will be harder to remove?
    You’re advice would be appreciated.

  18. technical admin says

    If anything the threat is easier to remove if you paid for it. Other programs normally run when this program is purchased. Follow or guide or just use real antivirus software like the SDA client we recommend to remove this threat.

    I suggest you read the “What to do if you paid for a fake security client” article from the “Great Articles and Advice” section on top. It’s rather easy to get your money back by just claiming fraud.

  19. HI I’ve followed your instructions and some others on the Web but I just can’t seem to locate the Load.exe file, So I delete everything while in safe mode then reboot only for the whole thing to have started again.

    I can’t get the SDscanner to run – any advice would be great


  20. technical admin says

    You should be able to install the SDA scanner in Safe Mode with Networking and then run the program to help locate were this threat is.

    Other than that you can go to the Windows Start button and in the run / search box type msconfig . Than select the startup tab and look for the Load.exe file. Next to it should be the file path location. See if that works for you.

    Worst case you will have to call on an expert to remove the threat for you. is a good solution.

  21. Thank you Sir Jacob for that video on how to delete the AntiVirus Studio 2010. It was a big help. Now that I have successful deleted it, there will be no more annoying pop-ups on my computer. Thank you again ^_^ God Bless

  22. THANK YOU. A really GREAT help!!!! God Bless!!!

  23. Tony, Edinburgh UK says

    I think I got it thanks to your help. If only viruses squeeled as you removed them, it would be very satisfying.
    What I think was the load file was in a folder named MSA.
    I’ve got an additional question, if I may; I did a search for “Antivirus Studio 2010” and related strings on the Registry and found a couple of other references to it that weren’t in your list; I presume there’s no harm in deleting those?
    Thanks again,
    Tony, Edinburgh, UK

  24. technical admin says

    Should not be any harm in removing those traces. It also should not matter if they are removed or not. Won’t slow your computer down or cause any issues.

    Always backup your registry first.

  25. can antivirus studio 2010 forge email accounts or anything of that sort

  26. technical admin says

    No it can not. However you can have a trojan or another virus installed that can. That is why we always tell people to run a full scan with Spyware Doctor with Antivirus to ensure you have no other infections.

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