Virus Total 2010 Removal Instructions

Virus Total 2010 is a malicious application related to the notoriously known Security Master AV, and is a similar rogue antivirus program that tries to trick users into purchasing a software license. Virus Total 2010 uses a Trojan that gets installed when the user visits malicious websites to exploit security loopholes in the user’s system which then installs Virus Total 2010 on the system. Once installed, Virus Total 2010 will go on to perform a large number of fake scans on the system, reporting to the user that their computer is infected with an almost infinite number of non-existent viruses. It also displays fake warning pop-ups from the Windows taskbar. Virus Total 2010 installs a Browser Helper Object that redirects the user’s web browser to a website which promotes Virus Total 2010 whenever the user attempts to surf the internet. All this activity is aimed at directing the user to purchase the ‘full’ version of Virus Total 2010 under the claim that the currently installed ‘trial’ version is not sufficient to remove the detected fake ‘viruses’. However, neither the ‘full’ version nor the ‘trial’ version is capable of properly detecting or removing viruses from any computer.

Virus Total 2010

Virus Total 2010

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The best way to attempt to manually remove Virus Total 2010 is to use the Add/Remove Programs feature included in Windows. Through this tool, simply choose Virus Total 2010; this will remove all its related files and folders as well as DLLs. Due to the fact that Virus Total 2010 can be so easily uninstalled (at first sight) it is not recommended to rely only on its pre-built software features for getting rid of it. As a result, when looking to properly remove Virus Total 2010 it is recommended to not only use its automated uninstall procedures but also scan the entire computer using genuine antivirus software such as Spyware Doctor with Antivirus in order to make sure that no additional threats are present on the system. In this way, any related or yet undetected malicious components will be revealed for immediate removal.

We found this threat to be easily removed. We do strongly recommend you run a full virus scan to be 100% sure that you are not infected with anything else.

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