Norton IS 2013 Review

norton-is 2013The security of our computers is an elementary concern for us as without these amazing tools we wouldn’t be able to have our work done, to gather so much information and to communicate with each other. In a world filled by viruses attacks, having a reliable anti-virus is essential, especially when we intensively use the internet. However, choosing the proper anti virus software is not that easy considering the wide range of options available. This is why we need to learn more about the options we have in order to make the choice that fits our needs. From this point of view, reading a Norton IS review is very relevant when considering the security of the computer.

Norton Internet Security 2013 is software recently proposed by the producing company, Symantec, and includes new features in addition to the ones that characterized the past versions. Not only that the application is compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista, but it also matches the settings of the newer operating system, Windows 7. Norton Threat Insight is one of the new features included, and it helps for an improved monitoring of the computer, allowing a better performance. The software is very efficient when it comes to internet related attacks, and it stops illicit websites to pop up and it also properly identifies other threats that try to attack the computer.

This Norton IS review is not complete if it does not mention that the most important thing stays not only in the new methods for preventing for our computers to be attacked, but also in the updated list of viruses that contains a wide range of threats that appeared during the last time. The installation of the antivirus is very easy to be completed and the software is user friendly, so no one should have problems with using it.

The firewall can be a bit tricky to move around in but unless you network your computer you have nothing to worry about. If you do share files and folders then you should expect to spend a good 20-30 minutes on the firewall settings to allow everything in. This will not be the case for most people but it was in my situation.

For those who just want to use the built in Windows firewall and if you do not need a spam filter I would recommend just going with the Antivirus suit and not the Norton IS version.

There is also a 360 version that Norton has out there. It’s worth a look before you purchase any of the above. The features of the 360 program may not be needed by you but for others who do not have a backup program and the like you may want the extra features that version offers.

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