Trojan Banker is a generic term for a program that steal information such as bank passwords and user names as well as credit card information and then sends that data to who ever the maker of the program is ( The attacker ) If you have just found out that you had a Trojan Banker program installed on your computer then you should first fully remove the threat.  My recommendation is to run a full scan using your favorite security client.  Then just to be sure it is fully removed and no other traces are left you should download and run another scan with my favorite client, Spyware Doctor with Antivirus.  I love the stuff and you will see it mentioned here a lot.

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Once a full scan is done and no other infections detected you should change all your passwords.  I mean every last password you have online that you might of typed in while you were infected.  To go a step further you should also cancell out anyt debit and credit card and have new ones issued.  This last part may seem like over kill for some but it might just save you hours in the long run.  This is more true for those of you who use debit cards as a credit card online.  Debit cards do not have the same protection measures in place and you most likely will not get any money back if a thief uses your card.  With a credit card you are normally not liable for any amount and if you are it will be very low. Trojan Banker can get installed on your computer in many different ways.  Normally it will happen in one of the following two ways.

1.  You installed it by mistake thinking it was a free program or codec.  This often happens when someone wants to watch a video online and they are told they need to install a codec to watch the video.  Torrents and P2P sites are well known to do this.  Rule of thumb is if you do not trust the website then do not download any of the programs there.

2.  You may of been a victim of a drive by download.  This can happen when a hacker injects code into a known good website and then that code is executaded when you visit the trusted site.  Once there it will attempt to gain access onto your system through known exploits in programs that you have installed or through exploits to the operating system.  It is always a good idea to ensure you have the latest security updates for all your programs as well as security software so this does not happen.

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