How to Edit the Registry

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This articles covers How to Edit the Registry.

How to edit the Registry to Remove virus Strains

Editing the Windows Registry is rather simple. All you have to do is type in ” regedit ” with out the quotes in the run command. On Windows XP you will need to hit the Windows Start button first then select run. Optionally you can use the Window key + r. If you are unable to start the regedit then chances are the virus you have disable this key. Just download the regedit fix from the side bar and run the patch to fix this issue. Here is the link again :

This is to be able to open the registry editor again. If you find that even after installing the patch you can not use regedit then you most likely did not end the running process for what ever fake security client you have installed or executables have been disabled. We got you covered here as well. There is an executable fix on the side bar as well. From there you will need to browse to the location were the file is that you want to modify or delete. We do urge people to make a backup before editing the registry. That way if you mess up you have a chance to recover from it. In most cases antivirus and antispyware applications will be able to make these changes automatically. Also Registry cleaners are well known to correct these types of issues.

How to Edit the Registry

How to Edit the Registry

How To End Edit the Registry Just click the image. Opens in a new Window

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