Virus Removal Service

When it comes to removing a virus online you have many options.

We recommend

PCNinja can remote into your computer and fully remove all viruses and solve any software issue you may be having.  This remote computer repair company is located in California and all repair technicians are industry certified.

Chat live with a repair technician on the home page of

How Much Will It Cost?

The price can vary depending on what you need done and how many computers you have that need fixing.  If you are considering for virus removal you can most likely get it all taken care of for under $130 USD.  Best to just chat or call up and ask.  These guys are very good and very quick.

Is is Guaranteed?

One reason why likes so much is they guarantee their work.  Many companies in the remote repair industry don’t have good grantees or are a pain to work with because of their size.  If does not resolve your issues, you don’t pay a cent, not even a diagnostic fee.  You do have to let them attempt to first resolve the issue.  You don’t have to pay anything if they are unable to fix the issue.  This is something that really is not going to happen much.  However when it comes to viruses there is always a slight chance something may get overlooked.  It’s just the nature of the industry.

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