Removal Guidelines for PowerfulBrowse Ads

The developer of PowerfulBrowse is SuperWeb LLC. This browser extension wants everyone to believe they can improve the experience of online shopping coupons, shopping comparison plus other helpful functionality. It may look a legitimate browser plug-in. Users of the internet need to be aware that PowerBrowser is also considered an adware or unwanted application in this industry. With a misleading marketing technique known as “bunding” (comes with additional applications when installed), this browser extension, can be installed in the user’s PC even without consent. It has the capability to tamper the registry, even for the popular browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. PowerBrowser can give several interfering advertisements with regard to interstitial, transitional, pop-up, banner and full page ads.

Furthermore, every time the user browser online, this browser can monitor all activities where it records several softwares and hardware information like the URL visited, search queries, pages viewed, unique identifier numbers, IP addresses, and more. Where this act can lead to dangerous privacy concerns or identity theft. Some the identical browser extension, such as Powerful Browser include Webget, Kararoh and Atuzi.

PowerfulBrowser, this adware is commonly spread-out by means of those small programs named as ‘download clients’ inside a freeware download websites (like those of,, and more). Through the ‘download clients’ these websites can generate cash on their free services and bid installation of promotional legit browser extensions along the chosen free software.

The user who would entertain downloading and installation of software/programs of freeware have high risks of adware or malware. This can be prevented is the user can closely pay attention on the steps of installation. You may decline if don’t need a certain application and select he Custom or Advanced installation option. Choosing this will let the user know the bundled applications, so you can remove them from the list to be installed in your PC. If in case you already had PowerfulBrowser in your computer, then follow the removal steps below:

For Windows 7 Users
• Click the Windows logo or Start, at the left bottom corner f the screen.
• Select the Control Panel.
• And click Uninstall a Program.

For Windows XP Users
• Go and click Start, select Settings and then click the Control Panel.
• Find and click the Add or Remove Programs.
• And then Uninstall.

For Windows 8 Users
• Go to the left corner of the screen, then Right-Click.
• When you are in the Quick Access Menu, choose the Control Panel.
• When the window open, select the Programs and Features.
• You’ll see the Uninstall Programs window, and on the list, look for “PowerfulBrowser”, select it and click Uninstall or Remove   button.
• Check from the list which files/program are unfamiliar/unwanted and do the uninstall them too.

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