How Fake Security Clients Make Money

You ever wonder why viruses are made. Some are made for fun, some are made for learning, most are made for money. Those are the ones most people get infected with. In this article we dive into the world of malware. Malware is a bogus software product that pretends to solve a problem. Often times it uses fake logo’s testimonials and the like to help gain the users trust.

The makers of fake security clients known as malware make money when a user makes a purchase of the program.

By purchasing the program the client will magically solve the issue that was on your computer like un-blocking the programs it blocked and un-do (In Most Cases) the damage caused. It’s all part of the scam. They want you to think it’s a legit product so you do not request a refund or report them to authorities.

Keep in mind that once you have paid for the malware client you have just given your credit card information over to thieves. If this is you see our What to do if you paid for a fake client guide here. There is nothing stopping them from selling your information to others or to take the credit card information themselves and make purchases under your name. It’s best to not purchase the client. Doing so only makes these thieves money and the cycle continues. If not a single person where to purchase the malware client these scams would die of quickly as the makers need to make money to keep going.

Besides the creators of the program, affiliates can also make money infecting computers. It’s not uncommon to have hackers or malicious individuals infect computers through sites like porn, warez, torrent and free download sites. An affiliate of the malware program can make money from each download/install of the virus or from every purchase made of the program. If for instance a person were to hack a popular news website (Been Done Already) they could potentially infected millions of computers. That can be a big pay day for the hacker. Let’s say 100,000 computer infected in a day times 10 cents for every install = 10K. Ten grand for a days work. It’s easy to see why people with high skill sets can turn to crime.

It’s been said there is more money to be made slinging malware then all drugs combined in the United States. Another plus for these guys is it’s hard to get caught. When you hide behind zombie computers and several countries it’s no wonder these guys are rarely ever put in jail. When you combine high profits with low risk of jail you get organized crime.

Some people have been busted over the years. Back in 2011 some big malware producers went to jail. Others just took their place. With bare bones malware clients for sale all over the place it’s never been easier for someone with the right skill set to make and release a malware client. Back in 2003 I was approached to market such bogus products. Of course I understood what these guys were doing and turned the offer down. In stead I started writing virus removal guides to help others remove their viruses threats for free.

Now that you know how these people make money, don’t purchase the program. You are better off taking a proactive approach and purchasing a good antivirus client instead.

With both groups working together it’s easy to see how they can make money.

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