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The had come to the industry that claims it is a browser that can be helpful to users when it comes to productivity and fun by giving away users free applications and several tools (some of these are currency converters, games, calculator and more). While this may look safe and legit, this browser extension is considered a browser hijacker or another one of the unwanted application.



  • It can be installed through the well-known Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, even without the consent of the users.
  • Once installed, it can assign as the home page and the search engine default settings of your computer (
  • In addition, this adware brings forth annoying ads.
  • It can also track the browsing activity of the user.
  • This can be widely distributed through tricky software marketing ways named as “bunding”, you may install this unknown to you just by getting free software downloaded from the internet.
  • When it’s successful installed in the computer, this browser extension supplies you with endless pop-up, search, banner, ads and pop-under (displayed partially on the visited web pages).
  • It can also bring you in-text ads, which change the words on the viewed pages into hyperlinks into ad links.
  •  Another thing about this, it can monitor and record the users online browsing behaviour. This mean recording the pages viewed then you can see advertisement showing on pages, OS types, search inquiries, IP addresses, browsing history, physical locations, and other info.
  • Staying on your computer, this browser hijacker can cause you to virus and malware invasions, and can also induce privacy issues, seriously. have the same characteristics to the browser hijackers (it can get installed with free software the user chooses). Some examples of these browser hijackers are, and They have no value for these browser plug-ins can only do redirecting.

To stay clear of this adware, always be cautious when downloading free-softwares. Generally, those free softwares apply the download clients where they profit through advertisement by the promoted ad links.

When you want to avail free download, make sure that you carefully watch each step of this process, so you can prevent installing the unwanted programs/software.


Removal Instruction of

The Windows 7 Users
• From the left corner of the screen, click Start or the Windows Logo.
• Select the Control Panel and then find the Programs and Features.
• Choose the file you want to uninstall,

The Window XP Users
• Go and click the Start button and choose Settings.
• Next, click the Control Panel.
• Point your mouse to the Add or Remove Programs.
• Choose the file or software you want to remove.

The Windows 8 Users
• On the lower corner left of the screen, choose the Control Panel from the Quick Access Menu.
• A window will open, and then select the Uninstall a Program.
• Choose the file you want to uninstall.
You can recheck if is removed and scan for the other programs linked to this browser hijacker.

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