Rocket Search Infection-Browser Hijacker

The Rocket Search browser is an application created by the Fried Cookie which is established on the open source Chromium project.
What makes it appealing to users? This application claims to improve your internet browsing capabilities, meaning you will have the advantage for quick access:

• On your preferred sites online.
• Adding other useful features.
• Receiving call notifications.

Although, this may look like a legitimate application, but once you download and install it into your computer, you’ll notice changes on your homepage browser and the search engine default setting ( And this is not surprising, since this is the reason Rocket Search is known to be one of the browser hijacker.

It can penetrates the well-known browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome by means of misleading marketing software strategy called as ‘bundling’. This happens through:

• Downloading/installing free softwares. The users are usually unaware of installing the adware because it comes with the free downloadable software online. This browser hijacker is installed even without the consent of the users.
Capability of Rocket Search:

• Take note that this hijacker-browser is not a fact a malware nor a virus. What it does, it redirects to this site which may lead to all sorts of infections (including malware, this when clicking the third party ads). In addition, the Rocket Search can track the user’s browsing activity on the internet by recording referral data, IP addresses, search terms, browser types and even the links the users access.

• The Rocket Search application has the ability to store information from the users of Google and Facebook accounts like their profile pictures, email addresses, user identifiers and even gender. This is obviously a privacy issue or an identity theft.

• You can use Rocket Search as your Search Engine, no doubt about that. But be warned that this browser hijacker can be employed/linked/associated with a certain product or services, which may lead you to a harmful and offensive content while surfing online.

• Regularly using this for your internet searching is not advisable. This browser hijacker is a bridge that leads you to more installation of unwanted programs, applications or malware infections. Where this unwanted software aims revenue from users like you (who click the third party ads).
Rocket Search, is not alone being a browser hijacker – among them are, and To prevent your computer system accessing such infections:

• Take extreme precautions on free softwares and downloads online. Web sites offering freeware downloads commonly employed download clients. These small programs that offer such installations are advertised browser extensions.

• When installing free programs, you can use the Advance or Custom Installation options. This way, their list of adware for installation will be exposed, thus allow you to take control of the situation and use this method prevent such programs to enter your PC.
Removal of Rocket Search – the browser hijacker:
For Users of Windows 7

• Click the Windows Logo at the left bottom corner of your screen, also known as the Start button. A menu will appear, then choose Control Panel. Locate the Program and Feature.
For the Users of Windows XP

• Locate and click the Start button, then choose Settings and from there, click the Control Panel. Look for the Add or Remove Programs, then click it.
For the Users of Windows 8

• At the lower left corner of the screen, Right-Click and then in the Quick Access Menu, choose the Control Panel. A window will open, find and select Uninstall a Program.
From the Program and Feature you can Uninstall Rocket Search by locating it thorough the list. You also need to uninstall the following programs which go during the installation of Rocket Search and are unwanted programs in your computers:

• Optimizer Pro
• Webget
• MyPC Backup
• Mobogenie
• Rocket and WSE Rocket.

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