Sweet-Page – BHO Removal

Depositphotos_2848214_originalSweet-Page is a BHO .  This browser highjack is not considered a virus but potentially un-wanted software. Sweet-Page get’s installed from bundled software.  You may of recently installed a software program that was free and along with the installation came Sweet-Page and most likely several other programs that are now causing extra advertisements on your computer our changing all your browsers and searches to different websites.

Sweet-Page Removal software

Spyhunter is known to work to fully remove Sweet-Page and other threats installed along with this highjack.


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Manuel Removal Options For Sweet-Page

Words of Caution:  This software got installed on your computer and if you had a decent antivirus client it would of been blocked.  You should considering installing SpyHunter found Here to remove Sweet-Page in one simple scan.  It will also work to prevent viruses from being installed on your computer.

Option 1.

Do a System Restore.  This is the easiest option as it only takes a few mouse clicks to do.  Pick a day when your computer was not infected with Sweet-page and run the System Restore.  This will remove all software program changes and un-do the installation of Sweet-Page.


Option 2 :

Follow the below steps to re-set each webbrowser and uninstall the Sweet-Page software.

In the Windows Control Panel select “Uninstall Programs”

Go to the Start Menu. Select Control PanelAdd/Remove Programs.

If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, select Control PanelUninstall a Program. For Windows 8 it’s similar but not exactly the same.

You can sort the programs by the date they were installed.  This makes it easy to see programs recently installed on your computer.  Now select Sweet-Page and then hit UN-install.  You should go through and remove other programs that where installed from the same date as they where most likely installed with the bundled software package you downloaded.

Once the program has been uninstalled you will most likely have to re-boot your computer and from there you can continue with this guide or just follow the rest of the guide now and then re-boot.

Browser Reset on Internet Explorer:

Step 1. Press Alt+T and click Internet options.

Step 2. Open Advanced tab and press Reset.

Step 3. Select Delete personal settings and press Reset.

Step 4. Click Close.

You can also try to remove Sweet-Page with out resetting your web browser but we find that resetting the browser is just easier for most people.  Here are the instructions for removing the sweet-page settings with out resetting Internet Explorer.

1. Go to ToolsManage Add-ons.

2. In the Dialog box on the left select Search Providers . On the right side a list of providers will appear.  Select the Search Engine you want as the default and then click the Set As Default button on the bottom.

3.  In the same box to the right.  Select Qvo6 from the list and then click the Remove button.

4.  If you have a shortcut to open Internet Explorer on the Desktop, right click the desktop icon for Internet Explorer and select Properties.

Under the Shortcut Tab, you will see the Qvo6 url after iexplore.exe”.  Remove everything after iexplore.exe”

5.  Now go to Tools  and then Internet Options.  In the Home Page Box.  Type in the home page you want to use when you open Internet Explorer.  Select OK.


Browser Reset on Mozilla Firefox:

Step 1. Press Alt+H and then click Troubleshooting information.

Step 2. On the top right corner of a new tab, click Reset Firefox

Step 3. On the Pop-Up box, press Reset Firefox and click Finish.

Browser Reset on Google Chrome:

Step 1. Press Alt+F and click Settings.

Step 2. Now, Scroll down to Users and highlight your account.

Step 3. Then Press Delete.


Final Steps:

If you have all 3 web browsers installed you will want to complete the above steps for each browser.  After that you may need to re-boot your computer before the changes fully take effect.  I strongly recommend you run a full virus scan on your computer after you have done the above because you need to ensure you have no other traces left on your computer.  I recommend you download Spyhunter as linked above in this articles.

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