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The Trojan Zbot is a password-stealing malicious application. It attempts to steal the user’s cached passwords and login details from cookies. Zbot, which is also known as Win32 Zbot, gets delivered to the user as an attachment to a spam email. This email claims that a package that was to be delivered to the user could not be delivered as the user’s address was incorrect, and asks the user to download the ‘invoice copy’ attached and resubmit the address. If the user is indeed expecting a package he or she will be tricked into downloading this attachment as they would not expect anything bad to come out of it.

The so-called ‘invoice copy’ contains Zbot, which will immediately install itself and begin its malicious activities. During installation Zbot will check for firewall processes, and if any are found, it will only copy itself and exit. A large amount of junk data will be attached to the installation to make detection difficult. If there is no firewall present or if the firewall is turned off, the Trojan Zbot will immediately connect to a remote server and download a configuration file which contains details of which information Win32 Zbot should steal from the user, where to upload this information and another location where Zbot can be downloaded again.

When the user fills in forms on targeted web pages, Zbot will capture whatever is posted on the form and submit it to the malware author. It might also inject false fields into targeted web pages and send the resulting submissions as well. Zbot may also completely redirect the user away from targeted web pages to a fake web page on a different server related to malware. Zbot also has limited backdoor entry capabilities which allow the malware author to log in to the user’s system.

To remove Zbot, it is necessary to stop its processes and to delete its files and folders. However, due to the fact that manual removal can prove to be a difficult process, it is most often required to conduct a full system scan using genuine antivirus software such as Spyware Doctor with Antivirus in order to make sure that Zbot has been properly removed from your computer.

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As the first step in conduct a manual Win 32 Zbot removal, stop the following processes:

  • 1053.exe
  • 1q.exe
  • 87724515.exe
  • ANZinetbanking_certificate.exe
  • bana.exe
  • voland611.exe
  • wclctr.exe
  • winbtn.exe
  • winself.exe
  • winwem.exe
  • WorldPay_CONFR.exe
  • WorldPay_TRANS_8651.exe
  • x-file-MJacksonsKiller.exe
  • xsetup1.exe
  • Your_ETicket.exe

You should expect your traces to be a little different then the above. This threat changes all the time so most liekly your traces will be different. You should run a fully security scan using Spyware Doctor with Antivirus to see what traces are installed on your computer.

The next step is to remove the following folders:

  • C:\Documents and Settings\NetworkService\Application Data\wsnpoem
  • %SYSTEM%\twain_32
  • %SYSTEM%\lowsec

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