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Financial literacy training provides the pathway for sustaining financial well-being and resiliency with benchmarks of meeting all financial responsibilities, building wealth, and obtaining a sound financial future, and a secure retirement. -Initial Entry Training conducted in a clandestine fashion at the cell level by members of the terrorist group within the targeted country is considered__________. [Remediation Accessed :N]. Answer - Reason Code, 3. (Protection of Cultural Property, pg. True or False? False (correct), 2) Controlled unclassified information (CUI) requires banner lines and a CUI designation indicator. 6) Trafficking in persons occurs for many reasons including: 7) At which point should you report a trafficking in persons situation? Financial Readiness: Pre-Deployment Leadership Training TC 11 Leadership Training Counselee Checklist Available Agenda Personal Financial Management Why Are Service Members Vulnerable? MRC Deployment Readiness Guide [2] MR ymen eadiness . The M&FRC has free WiFi, a CAC-enabled workstation, and free printing. False (correct), 5) When transporting SCI within the building (outside the SCIF), the material shall be placed in a locked brief case or locked pouch made of canvas or other heavy-duty material and must have an integral key-operated lock. Pre-deployment Checklist and Information | 1 Checklist and Information . 2u2+3u=72 u^{2}+3 u=72u2+3u=7. Which of the following is true about the use of force in self-defense under the Law of War? The stemware is sold at a markup of 115% based on cost. What night vision device is displayed below? Answer: Using it prevents travelers from having to use their own money for official travel expenses. Question: Which is an action you should coordinate with the APC before you start a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move? 3) Victims of trafficking can be (Select all that apply): Service members, DoD civilians, and DoD contractor employees, DoD family members. When using night vision devices, your peripheral vision is significantly reduced from 190 degrees to. Cleared contractor employees are subject to sanctions for violating any policies in the: National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM). 8) If an individual believes that a DoD covered entity (CE) is not complying with HIPAA, he or she may file a complaint with the: 9) A covered entity (CE) must have an established complaint process. Answer: Sign a DD3120 Statement of Understanding and provide it to her APC. Which of the following statements are true? Answer: They can upgrade their GTCC by simply requesting their APC to upgrade their account, agree to a new credit score check and have a credit score above 659. What is the U.S. policy regarding aircraft jacking? Seek the client's consent before using an interpreter. Arrival at first duty station There are currently __ types of night vision devices in Civil Engineer unit inventories. Intended Audience The intended audience is Active Army or Reserve Component commissioned officers in the grade of First Lieutenant, Captain, or Major whose branch is Financial Management. -Pre-Deployment -The ATO is responsible for writing the AT plan, 23. MAJCOMS may exempt individuals or groups from passenger screening and bagging inspections due to exercise location or during contingencies. Financial readiness can affect your ability to get the mission done, and taking care of your financial responsibilities is important to your resilience as an Airman. Which of the following is an example of perfidy? 6) Which HHS Office is charged with protecting an individual patient's health information privacy and security through the enforcement of HIPAA? Paychecks and Financial Readiness . 17) Under HIPAA, a covered entity (CE) is defined as: A health care provider engaged in standard electronic transactions covered by HIPAA, Limits uses, disclosures, and requests for PHI to the minimum necessary amount of PHI needed to carry out the intended purposes of the use or disclosure, Does not apply to exchanges between providers treating a patient, Does not apply to uses or disclosures made to the individual or pursuant to the individual's authorization. Answer - Import from GTCC (Click the Add Button), 10. The Fleet and Family Support Centers (FFSC), located on installations worldwide, offer a variety of deployment support programs to assist commands, sailors and their families. Where can you go to find out if a chemical is authorized on the aircraft? 3 of 6), The partial or total destruction, capture, or neutralization of the object offers a definite military advantage (correct), An object which by its nature, location, purpose, or use makes an effective contribution to the enemy's military action (correct), An object that provides morale or inspiration to the entire civilian population and therefore the armed forces of the state, An object that by its location, purpose, or use supports the health and welfare of the civilian population, The populations of parties in conflict are generally divided into two classes; combatants and civilians. An official website of the United States government, Hosted by Defense Media Activity - 2. They find it helpful to discuss the challenges of their jobs with each other. 4 of 8), Army Field Manual 2-22.3 Human Intelligence Collector Operations (correct), JP 1-04 Legal Support to Military Operations, Which statement on the use of force in individual self-defense to a hostile act or demonstrated hostile intent is most accurate? 4) The earliest form of the Coast Guard began on 4 August 1790, when President George Washington authorized the construction of ten vessels to _____. You need to land in Los Angeles, CA, no later that 11:00AM to make sure you are on time for an afternoon meeting. Question: Which is a reason for account suspension? Answer - Select 09/18/2018 (Three Dots), edit, Government Meals Provided at TDY Location, Lunch (Only Lunch), Save Adjustments, 14. (C) Data spill (correct), 8) You may be subject to loss or denial of classified access, suspension without pay, termination of employment, discharge from military service, and criminal prosecution if you knowingly, willfully, or negligently disclose classified information or CUI to unauthorized persons. You may experience functionality and appearance differences when using the . Post-deployment financial readiness training is also available through MyVector or in-person. (ALL OF THE CHECKPOINT QUESTIONS CAN BE SKIPPED). 11) Suspect actions of traffickers include recruitment, harboring, transporting, providing, obtaining (and for sex trafficking patronizing or soliciting prostitution). -Because the victim is in the wrong place at the wrong time, -For the publicity the situation would generate, -Because the victim may be a source of trouble otherwise. 1) True or False. (Lesson 4: Club Drugs, page 3 of 13) [objective8], 8) Inhalant abuse is referred to as? TLO: Discuss survivor and dependent beneits. What should never be used on aircraft landing gear components? 8) Trafficking in persons is a problem in DoD in what following ways? (Antiterrorism Scenario Training, Page 4) [objective16], A return address that matches the postmark, Evenly distributed and well balanced parcel, Mailing address providing a complete and correct name, 27) True or False: In an active shooter incident involving firearms you should immediately lie on the ground. Balances the privacy rights of individuals with the Government's need to collect and maintain information, Regulates how federal agencies solicit and collect personally identifiable information (PII), Sets forth requirements for the maintenance, use, and disclosure of PII. Which of the following statement(s) are true? Answer: The traveler refuses to authorize a credit score check but completes a DD 2883. 3 of 9), Individual military members can claim enemy property they find on the battlefield. They should: 32. Pre-Deployment Briefing 1430-1530 Virtual Overview of deployment . In order to avoid a violation requiring a possible sanction, Miguel should stop the conversation before any classified information is discussed. Background Pre-Deployment Briefing The purpose of the pre-deployment briefing is to provide situational awareness including the latest information on the COVID-19 outbreak and response to deploying RRT members so that they can be effective and safe in the field. 1) HIPAA allows the use and disclosure of PHI for treatment, payment, and health care operations (TPO) without the patient's consent or authorization. -To not give in to the demands of hijackers. 34. 5 of 8), Which of the following rules pertain to law enforcement, and security duties? You formally challenge the classification of information and the classifying agency provides a partial response. You used your GTCC to pay for your meals on a recent TDY. Select all that apply. -The Commander uses a vulnerability assessment, -A vulnerability assessment should focus only on WMD, -Higher Headquarters vulnerability assessment, Some of the questions are interactive and are difficult to be put to text, just read the questions carefully and you should be able to guess through the last 5 or so. Share . Information is prohibited from being classified for what reasons: To conceal violations of law, inefficiencies, or errors. Transition to Reserve component, separation or retirement Which AT Plan exercise(s) uses scenario driven events to test specific portions of the AT Plan? 18) Which of the following are breach prevention best practices? Your depth perception is greatly increased when using night vision devices. -Pilot will rock aircraft wings and flash navigational lights at irregular intervals. False (correct), 11) If you hold a top secret clearance, you are required to report to the security office when you have a foreign roommate over 30 calendar days, a co-habitant, and when you get married. -Continuation Pay (@12 yrs. (Military Persons Exempt From Attack, pg. Financial readiness can affect your ability to get the mission done, and taking care of your financial responsibilities is important to your resilience as an Airman. What is the classification of the statement in the new document? Trouble viewing this video? 28. Select all that apply: DoD members were penalized for being buyers, DoD contractors have been investigated for sex and labor trafficking, DoD members have been identified as victims of human trafficking, DoD members were prosecuted as traffickers, 9) Sex trafficking consists of which of the following? Tags: deployment family member. (F) All of the above (correct), 4) The full receiving and return address, including names, along with the highest classification level and dissemination markings are required to be on the outer layer of classified documents double wrapped for mailing. Select all that apply. The Army's Financial Readiness Program (FRP) is available at every installation. remaining family members. Having good relations with neighbors and looking out for each other. You selected a rental car that was more expensive than the lowest-priced, compact-sized vehicle. -Birth/Adoption of First Child* Which of the following are considered tactics of terrorist groups? Night vision devices use lithium batteries that contain _________, which is very toxic; therefore, DO NOT heat, puncture, attempt to recharge, or otherwise tamper with the battery. The ATO is ______________ (select all that apply), -The expert within an organization for generating, prioritizing, and appropriately documenting AT requirements, -Responsible for continuously documenting funding requirements. Every Friday Reintegration 1500-1600 Virtual Required for returning deployers. 4. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Newsome said training for some of these touchpoints, including initial entry, first duty station, continuation pay, and transition to Reserve component, separation or retirement, are already in place and will not change. Reduced interest rate on mortgage payments. If you've lost those important documents the internet can come to the rescue. 5G America3GPP29.pdf. (Impact on Victims, page 3 of 7) [objective3]. 2) Prosecutable offenses under Article 134 of the UCMJ related to sex trafficking include prostitution, patronizing a prostitute, and pandering by compelling, inducing, enticing, or procuring an act of prostitution. The Personal Financial Management (PFM . When derivatively classifying a document one must carefully analyze the material they classify. A program briefing is available, upon request, to ensure that Soldiers and Families are educated on how they may receive support regarding the program. Siprnet Security Annual Refresher Training JKO. Besides protecting national security, information may be classified if it: Pertains to military plans, weapon systems or operations. Which of the following statements are true? You need to enter an estimate for the cost of a baggage fee for your outbound flight. What are the two types of night vision technology? 10. Air Force Reserve Command safety director,Col. John A. Lesho, III,announces Safety Award Winners for FY '22. (Lesson 5: Inhalants, page 4 , 5 of 8) [objective9], 5) Physical effects of marijuana include all of the following except? When documenting requirements, it is important to address_________. Select all that apply. Imagining yourself in a different culture and assessing your possible reactions. However, subject to mission requirements, commanders and supervisors of deployed Service members will conduct CMT at the required frequency. Arrival at subsequent duty station (E-4/O-3 and below) Community Information Services (CIS) Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) Army Emergency Relief (AER) Armed Forces Family Action Plan (AFFAP) Armed Forces Family Team Building (AFTB) Financial Readiness & Emergency Assistance Mobilization & Deployment Relocation Readiness Program Outreach Program Sexual . What night vision device is displayed below? of the Air Force Kaleth O. Wrights focus on resilience includes financial resilience. Marriage: A&FRCsoffer training and/or counseling for Airmen who get married, Divorce: A&FRCsoffer training and/or counseling for Airmen who get divorced, Birth of First Child: A&FRCsoffer training and/or counseling for Airmen who are expecting, give birth to, or adopt their first child, Disabling Sickness or Condition: A&FRCsoffer training and/or counseling to service members affected by a disabling sickness or condition. Which of the following is true about the treatment of civilians during armed conflict? Chief Master Sgt. The servicemember can be deployed to any part of the world, but having direct deposit will enable both the servicemember and family members to have easier access and more control of their funds. When is the best time to resist a hijacking situation? True (correct), 12) Wireless Wearable Fitness Devices are authorized within SCIFs. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2016 stipulated a significant number of changes to 10 USC 992 which effectively created 12 mandatory touchpoints where a service member must receive financial literacy training. Alicia did not select an available City Pair flight for her upcoming TDY. If either one of us should die, it will not create a financial burden for our family. 9. 5) Check all the following methods to combat TIP that are true: Avoid establishments that have signs or indicators of TIP, Report all suspected TIP incidents through your chain of command. PRE-DEPLOYMENT: The pre-deployment phase begins upon assignment to a firm deployment tasking and ends when the Airman/Guardian departs home station. Level 1 AT Awareness. Mobility aircraft are always considered PL3 assets, regardless of mission and/or cargo. For the remaining events, Reserve Citizen Airmen will be notified that training is required via MyVector and will be able to complete the online training in MyVector or receive in-person training from their local Airman and Family Readiness Center. 4 of 8), The Law of War establishes: (The Law of War, pg. (Select all that apply) (Involuntary separation; Loss of security clearance; Denial of re-enlistment; Reassignment), 5) It is DoD policy ensure that Service members are treated with dignity and respect and are afforded equal opportunity in an environment free from prohibited discrimination. Enforcement of this policy is vitally important to ________and is essential to the military's ________. Which of the following are types of biological agents (Select all that apply), -nerve agents and toxins only was incorrect, 26. The Creech Military & Family Readiness Center (M&FRC) serves as a one-stop information and referral center for active-duty, Guard, Reserve, retired, and civilian Airmen, and their family members. The combating terrorism Readiness Initiatives Fund (CbT RIF)-Finances emergent or emergency high-priority combating terrorism requirements. Which two of the following describe prohibited actions? outreach to family members to help with the impact of separation and connect you with other families going through the deployment. (Military Persons Exempt From Attack, pg. Which of the following are authorized sources? Fleet and Family Readiness has moved, please select from the links below: Fleet Readiness Family Readiness Navy Housing MWR Navy Child & Youth Programs . The Government paid for your lunch on 09/18. False (correct), 17) How can you report potential insider threats to the JS InTP? An individual's first and last name and the medical diagnosis in a physician's progress report (correct), Individually identifiable health information (IIHI) in employment records held by a covered entity (CE) in its role as an employer, Results of an eye exam taken at the DMV as part of a driving test, IIHI of persons deceased more than 50 years, 17) The HIPAA Privacy Rule applies to which of the following? Night vision devices can be used in _____ or helmet-mounted configuration. 3 of 8), Rules that determine who prevails in international armed conflict, Doctrine observed by the U.S Armed Forces, That part of international law that regulates the conduct of hostilities (correct), Customs by which States engage in international armed conflict, Which of the following statements does NOT describe the purposes of the Law of War? Ascertain the value of involving the family in treatment. Reduced interest rate on credit card debt. ket outcomes would you need to know to verify this claim? (Antiterrorism Scenario Training, Page 4) [objective6], 23) True or False: The initial moments of a hostage taking incident can be extremely dangerous. During an active shooter situation, you should: Select all that apply, 19. 11) Which of the following are examples of personally identifiable information (PII)? What is the first step in developing a cultural proficiency strategy for your organization? (Antiterrorism Scenario Training, Page 2) [objective21], 28) Which one of these is NOT a physical security feature you should check when inspecting your hotel room? Which is a guideline to improve cross-cultural communication? Pre-deployment phase When not deployed, servicemembers and their units undergo traditional training to prepare for the conduct of military duties.

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