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CXRacing Damper CoilOver Suspension Kit for 1st Generation 1995-1999 VOLVO S40Don't fit AWD Model [Symptom:] When you accelerate from a stand still or when you decelerate suddenly, you could hear and feel a jerk from the rear. Cartypes: Volvo 760 760, Volvo 960 960, Volvo S90 S90, Volvo V90 V90 Reference: 9140490. Comes brand new in packaging like on pic above (silicon grease included) with12 months manufacturer warranty. control arm to the hub-house becomes loose. We want to help you achieve your automotive dreams, and our staff will be your personal pit crew when you contact us with your questions. The Helicoil can be installed from the wheel side. Tag. The answer isn't simple. Shock Absorber. VAT. For Marking, see Identification Plate. All parts are for used on a vehicle that will NEVER be used, or licensed, or registered for use upon a street and highway. Volvo 760 : Suspension and steering Products. The lower rubber donut has gone really soft, allowing about 15 degrees of angular rotation of the rear axle; enough to seriously deflect the drive shaft under acceleration at low speed and causing the U joints to grumble loudly. 1990. All rights reserved. Volvo 760 960 Series MK1, Multilink PU Differential Bushings (PRT) 228.00 180.00; Read More Show Details. Rear Nivomat Conversion. That means youre serious about suspension. $553.15 . Have replaced shocks, struts, u-joints, trannie mount and center support bearing on driveshaft, and some front bushings. [Editor] Use antiseize when reinstalling nuts and bolts since this is a high-rust area. FV coil-overs offer custom builds for no extra charge and free shipping to 48 states. Maintenance. Broken Upper Mounting Bolt or Stripped Mounting Nut. The Multilink rear suspension, with its multiple degrees of freedom, follows this principle. Using too heavy a spring with the stock OEM shock may result in underdamping and a bouncier ride. Happy to supply in other colors of anodizing (black, silver, gold) and PU (blue, red, orange, green or black). Don't fit AWD Model Shop by category. Use the axle instead. If there is a big framework in the center and long control arms and little constant velocity flexible driveshafts running from center out toward each wheel, then it is multilink (Independent Rear Suspension). Page 1 of 4. The right set offers control of pre-load, rebound, damping and ride height, letting you prepare perfectly for whatever sort of track the competition offers. Rusted and Stuck Bolts: Removal Techniques. Mo.. CXRacing Damper CoilOver Suspension Kit for 2012-2017 Hyundai VelosterDon't fit AWD Model Multi-link suspensions require alignment any time the suspension components are disassembled. Lighting. With the weight off the rear end, you should be able to pry on various portions of the trailing arms close to the bushings and notice if there is excessive play. MULTI-LINK 1994. Enjoy your stay :). Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Bushing, Suspension Rear axle (multilink) VOLVO 760 780 960 1359237 9157599 at the best online prices at eBay! Although we do recommend a respectable garage to perform the installation. Shocks Differ. So I let the trailing arm down. Volvo original & quality aftermarket parts. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Spring Suspension Rear Axle, Level Regulator Volvo 760 960 Multilink at the best online prices at eBay! The leaf spring is pushing both control arms down making it impossible to unbolt it without either jamming the bolts holding the control arm or shooting the wheel bearing house down when the bolt is knocked out. The Haynes manual is adequate for procedures here. Leaking-Proof Japan NOK damper Oil seals. 740 760: 940 960: without multilink rear suspension. Pull the rubber bolt hole cover off the top of the inside wheel well (which is probably covered with dirt). When you get the spring out, inspect the rubber seats and the large curved washer for wear or deterioration. DO NOT Purchase the part(s) if you are intending to use it(them) on a Street/Highway vehicle(s). [Tip from Matt W] I've been told that with and Independent rear suspension they just drop out, no need for a spring compressor or any special toolsnot always. [Jim Bowers] Get a Heli-Coil repair kit if you strip the upper shock mount nut. it is going to get. Same procedure when mounting it. 1085168 1085169 1067334 1085170 1085171 1027691 1067343 1085172 When road testing, the most accurate observations are achieved by driving the vehicle over the same stretch of road. If you're replacing a Volvo spring, chances are it is not a variable rate spring, so you can get to the nut with just a ratchet wrench and a socket. Christian Lundheim] Put the car on stands and put two people in the backseats or the trunk, or secure the car so it can't be lifted from the support stands Although we do recommend a respectable garage to perform the installation. Stripped Nut? PLEASE NOTE: Although our inventory is large and extensive with lots of classic parts, not all parts listed on our website are in stock and are subject to change availability from the manufacturer. Kaplhenke Racing LLC. Jack the back of car up and put it on stands. Youre looking for a system that can improve your handling in high-pressure situations and give you a critical edge on the track. P&P! When aligning, start at the rear first setting up the camber, then the toe. RPR also sells Moog cargo coils for sedans only. Transmission : We said screw it, and just decided to give the shocks to the local shop and let them do it. Afterwards the rear end would need alignment. When disconnected from the chassis, a shock absorber with a full gas charge will quickly extend the piston rod. Copyright 2020 For more information visit Torque top and bottom bolts to 65 ft-lbs. Buy the kit at a good auto parts or machine supply store. By purchasing this item you agree to ourT&C. After 1st JAN 2021 we will continue dispatching parts from our workshop in Poland and UK. When the wheel is off the ground, the shock is as short as arm. Join to never pay retail again, remember your family now. During a rebound test, the suspension is cycled by placing the knee or hands on the front or rear bumper of the vehicle, bouncing the suspension and then observing the recovery rate. * Item is made on order only. on the other side. For Marking, see. Wheel suspension. On the passenger side this involves removing part of the exhaust. At speeds over 15 kmh the noise is gone; I suspect the momentum of the drive shaft resists the deflection and the acceleration force is lower. How do you remove the lower frame/differential from a Volvo 960 MK2 multilink in a safe way? two cuts on bottom of the lower shock mount. CXRacing Damper CoilOver Suspension Kit for 1st Generation 1995-1999 VOLVO S40Don't fit AWD Model Youre interested in much more than just the look of a lowered vehicle, or the impression you present at a show. compress the spring. Place a jack under the lower control arm at the hub side and lift SKU: multilink_MK1_rear_suspension_bushings. Plus Fill Out Your Bracket For a Chance to WIN a $2000 MAP Gift Card! Browse our inventory of new and used VNL Sleeper Trucks For Sale In Lima, Ohio at Do you have any questions. (Where Applicable all Coilovers come withCamber Plates and Pillow balls). Would have been quickest had I been able to lift the car enough. SKANDIX - Your quality choice in VOLVO and SAAB car parts Main page Installation pictures Volvo 900, 700: Multilink axle one Volvo 900, 700: Multilink axle one Move mouse cursor over image to identify single parts. This is a Fitted Visions product so rest assured it's made right to get you fitted. PROTECTING PLATE, . If you've got some knocks coming out of one or both of the rear corners of a 940, try tightning up those shock bolts before you spend a lot of time trying to find a problem with one of suspension bushings. Tie it off there. Brand: VANTAGE: Product code: 1330432: OE reference: 1330432: Customer Service. Brian | Jun 24, 2020. BRACKET, LEFT . will remain short. Refresh your browser window to try again. [Response: John B] The shocks ARE gas charged and can be difficult to compress and removesame with the new shocks. [Editor] To prevent this, use lots of antiseize on the threads and shaft of both top and bottom shock mounting bolts when reinstalling. Code: C. Showing 1 to 2 of 2 (1 Pages) Emissions Control Warning: It is illegal to sell, install, or offer for sale any aftermarket part that alters or modifies the original design or performance of . All rights reserved. Car model: Volvo 760 1982-1990. The side bushings are fine; also I have a heavy IPD swar bar. - Sent No1 isVolvo OEM 1387472 equivalent. Suspension Control Arm (Rear, Lower). Item Code: CO-VOLVO-S40-9504-0806. Amazing how much noise there was coming out of that little bit of movement on that one rear shock. Suspension. Volvo 740 Suspension 740 Shock Absorber and Spring 740 Rear suspension 740 Coil spring rear Volvo 760, 960 multilink (9) Coil spring rear Volvo 760, 960 multilink (9) 1,454 SEK per pair. Cart 0. 700/900 Koni Race Dampers. Use a 17mm deep well socket to hold the NUT while starting it: Just jack the car up under the shock, use about three long cable ties hooked together to hold the shock compressed, and then jack the car up letting the suspension hang. If the oil leakage looks wet, or covers the length of the shock absorber body, the shocks should be replaced either in axle pairs or at all four wheels. Reverse the above steps for the remainder of the installation. See Volvo 760/780 Nivomat Shock Conversion for complete instructions and illustrations showing the conversion of Nivomats to normal springs and shocks. Torque to the nut to 45 Nm (35 ft-lb). Volvo 760 GLE Multi-Link Rear Axle Suspension Browse Publications Technical Papers 890082 1989-04-01 Volvo 760 GLE Multi-Link Rear Axle Suspension 890082 Based on the property requirements for the complete car, an analysis was done of the relevant parameters for each property. 700/900 Coilovers with Koni Race Dampers. it up to compress the leaf spring enough so the bolt bolting the lower Jack your car at the jack point. Remove the 17mm nut holding the upper spring seat in place. FV Suspension Coilovers - 2019+ Volvo V60 ALL PICTURES SHOWN ARE FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSE ONLY.ACTUAL PRODUCT MAY VARY DUE TO PRODUCT ENHANCEMENT. If you're replacing your springs with variable rate ones (recommended), you'll need a long extension for your socket to reattach the upper spring seat because you won't be able to get your ratchet to fit comfortably between the coils until about halfway down the spring's length. [Tips from Warren Bain] I replaced the rear shocks on my 965 [S90-V90][1996]. Instead I bought a metal saw blade holder for 1.90 and a Bi-Metal saw blade. Shop by category. [Randy Starkie] On my son's 740, I couldn't turn the shock mounting bolt after removing the nut on the lower shock attachment. These are replacement for NON-Nivomat rear shocks. Both Front options include our refundable $200 spindle core charge. Nothing is rolling around in rear of car or spare tire well. [Reply] This is one of the easiest things I've done to that car. Many racing teams are now using shock absorber dynamometers to test how well a shock absorber will maintain its effectiveness throughout a long race. The torque arm can easily be taken out and the bushings pressed in and out. Place a floor jack under the axle. Chiltons said the control arms needed to come off, and that requires two jacks. Youll also find coilover accessories, such as damper kits, spanner wrenches and adjustment extenders. What's in the box: Aftermartket Nivomat replacements are available from Monroe as well. Bracket. Wheels Steel. If you use Volvo shocks, look for the shock code contained on the plate on top of the radiator, 5th line, 4th character. Don't pound on it to make it go through. I did NOT have to remove the brake caliper on either side, and I did not find the exhaust system to inhibit the removal or installation on the passenger's side. Mono-Tube, Top.. (Left, Rear). That's why we sell only the best products athat enhance both cosmetic and performance aspects of your car.

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