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Conficker Removal Guide

What is Conficker

Conficker, also known as W32/Conficker.worm, Win32/Conficker.AA, Downup, W32.Downadup and Kido, exploits the Microsoft Windows MS08-067 vulnerability in order to spread onto other computers through networks. Conficker has different variants including the second Conficker.B infection that comes after the first Conficker.A which was first discovered in October, 2008. The current strain is conficker.C and it's by far the most dangerous strain.

In just 4 days time Conficker went from infecting 2.4 million to well over 8.9 million and that number keeps growing. The release date for the malisious code with the program is set for April 1, 2009

First, it attacks a vulnerability in the Microsoft Server service. Computers without the October patch can be remotely attacked and taken over.

Second, Conficker can attempt to guess or 'brute force' Administrator passwords used by local networks and spread through network shares.

And third, the worm infects removable devices and network shares with an autorun file that executes as soon as a USB drive or other infected device is connected to a victim PC.

If you are not a computer repair expert and fear damaging your computer then we suggest you call a pro to remove this virus for you or at least backup your files first. Other wise you can download this Conficker removal software.

How to Prevent Conficker from Infecting your computer

To prevent Conficker.b and Conficker.c from taking over and infecting your computer you need to ensure you have downloaded all the latest Microsoft patches for your Operating system. The main patch you need is Ensure you download this patch.

As well you need to have up front protection so you do not get infected. Take note that any free software program out there does not offer enough protection and most offer no up front protection to stop the threat from infecting your computer in the first place. You can download a free trial of Spyware Doctor with Anti virus from the website. This is what I personally use and what I recommend to others.

How to Remove Conficker

Conficker has already disabled your system restore and deleated all the restore pionts. In adition in all most all cases you are locked out of safe mode as well. Because of this you have very limited options for conficker removal. You will also notice that most security websites are blocked and you can not view popular sites like to get any Windows updates.

To solve this issue you need to download a known progam that can remove Conficker such as Spyware Doctor with antivirus.

You have 0 manual removal options. Even the pro's will have a hard time with this threat because it has countless file names that change on every computer that it infects.

Other Conficker Removal Options

Another option is to hire a pro to remove Conficker for you. I know many of you may not wnat to go this route but for most it's the correct way to go. Places like are a great way to have your computer repaired. This is a remote computer repair service that only charges a fraction of what others do and they can get started on your issue right away. Plus they have a no fix no fee guarantee. That means if they can not fix your comptuer you do not pay a cent. We highly recommend these guys.

We have also located several other free based programs to help you remove Conficker. Please note we do not recommend using free software as it can cause more harm then good and we do not endorse any of the bellow programs. They are simply listed here as a refference.


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